Day of Santo Emiliano, September 11. Names for boys

Day of Santo Emiliano, September 11. Names for boys

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Emiliano is a name for a boy of Etruscan origin that means "the one who is pleasant or calm", although there is no lack of someone who places him among the Latin names meaning "hardworking" or "hard-working".

In any case, it is a name of exceptional beauty due to its historical connotations that may be perfect for your child. He celebrates his name day on September 11, which is the day of San Emiliano.

Due to the meaning of his name, Emiliano has a calm and calm character, but full of sympathy. Your success in social relationships is based on your kindness and the confidence that you inspire. In addition, Emiliano is a responsible person very committed to his work and his family.

The name Emiliano is known throughout the world thanks to the Latin tradition. It belongs to the same family of names as Emilio, so we know its variants in French, Emilien, and in English, Emilian. A traditional name that is gaining popularity in recent times thanks to that tendency to rescue names with personality.

It may help you to choose the name of your baby to take into account the forcefulness of the name Emiliano thanks to the one who was Roman emperor, in addition to the number of illustrious Romans who belonged to this same family of the Aemilus. And from Roman antiquity another well-known Emiliano has come to us, the military man Publio Cornelio Escisión Emiliano Africano.

In addition, we meet many other popular characters who have been named after your son, such as the mythical basketball player Emiliano Rodríguez, the Spanish businessman Emiliano Revilla or the politician Emiliano García Page. But if there is one figure who has popularized this name, it is that of the Mexican revolutionary leader, Emiliano Zapata.

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