Day of Santo Fidel, April 24. Names for boys

Day of Santo Fidel, April 24. Names for boys

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Fidel is a name for a boy of Latin origin that means "the one who is faithful" or "trustworthy", a whole statement of intentions that can become the perfect name for your child.

Although he is not one of the most frequent names, Fidel does not sound old-fashioned or eccentric, but maintains the tradition while adding a touch of distinction. He celebrates his name day on April 24, which is Saint Fidel's day.

Due to the meaning of his name, Fidel is a loyal and reliable person, who knows how to easily earn the trust of others. In addition, Fidel possesses an open character and natural sympathy that make him succeed in social relationships. His calm temperament does not prevent him from giving himself with energy and courage to whatever cause he considers just, as well as dedicating a large part of his efforts to the protection of the family.

The name Fidel is known around the world with hardly any variations, although it has never entered the list of the most frequent. We found a variant of your son's name in Fidelio, but it is even less used. Despite its low popularity, the name Fidel is not outdated, so your son will wear it proud, adding more charisma to his personality.

The name of your son is gaining popularity thanks to the television character of the series "Aída", where Fidel is one of the most beloved protagonists. But Fidel is also the name of artists, sculptors, poets, painters, architects and doctors. And its feminine variant seems especially attractive to us, Fidela.

But the personality who has contributed the most to making your son's name known around the world is Fidel Castro, the controversial Cuban politician who turned the ideal of socialism into a reality with as many chiaroscuro as capitalism. A controversial figure, but of great relevance to world politics.

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