Santo Estanilao Day, April 11. Names for boys

Santo Estanilao Day, April 11. Names for boys

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Estanislao is a name for a boy of Slavic origin that means "honor and glory for his group", which gives an idea of ​​the dignity that this name grants to any child.

Although it is not one of the most frequent names, its use is not strange, but rather very attractive for that original and tall touch it has. He celebrates his name day on April 11, which is the day of Saint Stanislaus.

By the meaning of his name, Estanislao implies a great strength of character, which defines a brave, vigorous and responsible person. In addition, Estanislao loves loyalty and does not hesitate to provide all the necessary protection to his own. Surrounded by mystery, Estanislao has an enigmatic and seductive personality that is increased by his intelligence and sagacity.

The name Stanislaus is known in all languages, but it is in the Slavic languages ​​that it is most popular, in its Stanislav form. A variant that, together with its diminutive Stanis, seems especially attractive to us because it evokes the great characters of the Russian world. Either way, Estanislao can be the perfect choice for your son due to his musicality and tradition.

We meet numerous personalities named after your son, from footballers to politicians to boxers, botanists, designers and musicians. It is worth highlighting Estanislao Figueras y Moragas, a Spanish poet who was President of the Republic in 1973 and Estanislao II, the last King of Poland in 1732.

The name Estanislao is also found in the Polish writer Stanislaw Lem, in the Bulgarian actor who played Victor Krum in "Harry Potter" and in the Argentine poet Estanislao del Campo. But in recent times the name of your son has gained popularity thanks to one of the characters of the successful saga "Game of Thrones", Stannis Baratheon.

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