Hotels and restaurants in London for kids

Hotels and restaurants in London for kids

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On a trip to London with children, it is advisable to prepare matters such as flights or accommodation in advance. You have to make sure that the hotel has adequate facilities and offers for children and babies.

The same happens with restaurants, since when the children start to get tired it is convenient to stop to regain strength and ensure that they do not get bored. It is vital to bring some information if children have any food allergies.

London is a very large city, so look for a well-located area, either near the tourist attractions or a good tube station.

The most comfortable option is usually the hotel, in London there is a multitude of accommodation options and it can be found at a good price, although the better the situation, the higher the amount.

If you choose, you have to choose it carefully, being guided by the opinions of other users and making the reservation from a reliable website and in advance.

We must also remember that we must check if an extra bed is included, its price and if they offer discounts for children.

To make the trip as comfortable as possible, we can find a hotel that includes breakfast in the price, children tend to like the hotel buffets, especially if the establishment has a special menu for children.

Other options are looking for apartments, which give more freedom, especially if we are traveling with a baby or several children, and the charming Bed & Breakfasts, with a more homely air and attention.

While English cuisine is not very popular, that does not mean that excellent dishes cannot be enjoyed in London.

One of the most popular and interesting for children is the classic 'fish and chips', white fish accompanied by chips that can be eaten in almost all restaurants or stalls.

In addition, in London we can find a wide variety of international cuisine from any corner of the world, from Italian to Asian.

The pastry shops that sell the popular cupcakes, which are muffins decorated with creams of different flavors, are also very popular, a real delight for children's dessert.

Before entering a restaurant make sure they include dishes for children, a children's menu or an entertainment area in case they get tired.

You can check the menu with the dishes and prices in many restaurants, especially in the tourist area, in addition, gluten-free or vegetarian dishes are usually indicated.

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