Draw of 10 Babyglow: the pajamas that warn if the baby has a fever

Draw of 10 Babyglow: the pajamas that warn if the baby has a fever

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You will be able to participate in the raffle for 10 Babyglow, pajamas that change color according to the baby's body temperature and therefore warn parents when their baby has a fever. To sign up for the raffle and incidentally become part of a large community of mothers, fathers, pregnant women, babies and children, you only have to subscribe to the Newsletter from our site.

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When a baby has a fever, especially in the first two years of life, symptoms are not always obvious. In general, they usually present restlessness and drowsiness, very common symptoms in babies. So that parents can detect fever more quickly, Babyglow has developed and put on the market, in specialized childcare stores, a collection of pajamas that change color thanks to a chromatic sensor that when it detects that the baby's body temperature rises, makes the pajamas turn blue, pink or green to white color. The pigment is located in the area closest to the baby's neck, since it is the area of ​​the body where the rise in body temperature is detected more quickly. The bodysuit is made of cotton fabric with natural fiber, which can be washed normally and used repeatedly without altering its properties. We invite you to participate in the draw. Let's see if you are lucky! our site and Babyglow will raffle, until the end of June, 10 pajamas among our readers. When we have the result of the draw, we will publish the list of winners on the blog as well as on our Facebook and Twitter profiles. We are waiting for you!Participate in the draw, clicking Vilma Medina. Director of our site

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